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Welcome to Soul Weavings

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~~    Y o u r     p r e s e n c e     i s     w e l c o m e     h e r e    ~~

How did Soul Weavings come about?

Jill has deepened her own spirituality, sense of self, healing, intuition, and experience of community through the practices of SoulCollage®, Cross Making, and Spiritual Accompaniment. She wishes to share her experiences in these interwoven practices with you, to promote conscious living, positive social change in the world, and a deeper soul connection.

Most of the images you see on this website were created by Jill. The process of SoulCollage® helps us weave together images, imagination, and intuition to create a deck of cards that's a personal story of all our inner parts. It's visual storytelling in a sense. Jill's life continues to transform itself into wholeness and beauty through consulting her cards to answer important life questions. You are also invited to engage in this process. Through card readings, we "give voice" to the images to reveal and discover inner truths and surprises as we continue our life journey.

Jill welcomes you to join her in spiritual accompaniment, where she weaves the presence of deep conversation, engagement in the arts (collage, poetry, journaling, meditation), and listening with empathy and compassion to help bring about a deeper connection with the divine and become more aware of where God is calling us to be in the world.  

Jill will lead a cross making workshop with your community. We will be creating something new together with God, and praying in a new way. Selecting a time period such as Lent or Advent helps us focus our attention on the life of Christ, our own spiritual journey, and the meaning of the Cross.